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Why Rails?

WebMix is a web development specialist using Ruby on Rails. Also called Rails or RoR, it is a free web framework written in Ruby, a free and object-oriented programming language.

This framework has proved its worth in recent years, it proposes the fast development of robust and powerful web applications

In addition, Rails has a large open-source and growing community. Thanks in particular to RubyGems, a package manager for the Ruby language, Rails enables the rapid and efficient development of numerous functionalities for your web applications.

Rails is also a solution allowing the implementation of a clean, organized, flexible and scalable code.

It combines perfectly with all the back-end technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Rack, Unicorn, Passenger, Puma, Redis, Memcached, Resque... And also with the front-end technologies like JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, SASS, Bootstrap.

You understood it, with Rails everything is possible in terms of web development!

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Usecase: front-end lead dev on a Ruby on Rails application

Mission of 6 months on the project of a young start-up: integration of the development team for the deployment of new features.

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