Front-End development

Your custom front-end framework

Flexibility & maintainability

In order to ensure your web application optimal flexibility and maintainability, we propose you to set up a custom responsive front-end framework, based on Bootstrap 4.

Thus, you will have a solid foundation for your front-end development. You will give your future development the assurance to keep a user experience and a graphic charter consistent with your entire application.

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Our philosophy

Too often neglected by technical teams, front-end development is essential to the realization of web projects.
Setting up a personalized framework can greatly speed up your development process.

DRY: Don't repeat yourself!

We support the DRY philosophy.
The implementation of common and reusable CSS classes saves a lot of time for your development, but also reduces the number of lines of code. A direct impact on the loading time of your website.

A style guide

A style guide is a page that is internal to your business, which can access your entire technical team.
This page provides an overview of all CSS styles of your application or website.

These styles are associated with their "code snippet". So developers can use this page as a graphical and technical reference. No need to use a freelancer or integrator to add content!

SASS: CSS super powers!

We favor the use of SASS with a preference for SCSS syntax.
This style sheet generation language offers many features to speed up and simplify the development of your CSS styles.

Usecase: Setup of a custom front-end framework

As part of the launch of a new website, we made the setup of a customized Front-End framework, with the objective of simplifying and accelerating the development process in a logic of continuous development.

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