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Agility, speed, flexibility and quality

With several years of experience in the web development field, WebMix integrates an Agile development methodology, which has proven itself amongst the world's largest start-ups.

Since the development phases are divided into several iterations, this process allows a rapid and flexible development of the applications, while ensuring regular updates in a logic of continuous development.

An iteration lasts from one to two weeks, and includes the following stages: design, code, tests and release.

By integrating an Agile methodology into its development process, WebMix puts its "start-up" experience at the service of its customers, thus proposing the installation of high-quality products

By integrating an Agile methodology into its development process, WebMix ensures its customers the delivery of a careful and quality work

Fast delivery

Time is money, at WebMix we know about it.
Our experience in web development as well as the application of our Agile methodology allows us a fast delivery of your projects.


The web market is evolving very quickly. Far from the rigidity of so-called "traditional" development methods, the Agile methodology implemented by WebMix is very flexible and allows you to react quickly to market expectations.


With the use of GIT, our development process offers your web site optimal maintainability. Do not find yourself stuck with a product too rigid, opt for a solution enabling you to stay tuned to the market and to evolve quickly to differentiate you from your competitors.

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